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“By applying cross-disciplinary fields... researchers have endowed machines with the ability to create—representing a milestone in innovation by humankind, and a step forward toward achieving artificial general intelligence and technological singularity in the future.”


The New Creative Machine
Psychology Today, July 2019


“...Artistic creativity may be more about pattern and algorithm than we give it credit for, and very often the patterns are hidden, and maybe that’s something AI can discover because it seems to be very good at discovering hidden patterns.”


An Oxford mathematician explains how AI could enhance human creativity
The Verge, April 2019



Pietro Gagliano is an award-winning artist/director for emerging platforms, pioneering new forms of media that allow humans to understand what it means to be machine, and machines what it means to be human.

As a spirited and innovative Creative Director, Pietro co-founded digital agency and studio, Secret Location (an Entertainment One Company), in 2008. While there, he wore many hats, including: Chief Creative Officer, Head of Innovation, and Head of Content. His interdisciplinary approach, inventive process, creative vision, and folksy charm allowed him to lead talented teams toward truly groundbreaking work in the interactive-storytelling space. These pioneering efforts have been recognized by the creative and interactive industries through numerous awards, including: 2 Emmy Awards, 2 Webby Awards, a Cannes Lion, and 10 Canadian Screen Awards.

Pietro has recently founded Transitional Forms as a studio-lab to further explore the intersection of storytelling and technology and the invention of the future. Pietro, and the talented team at Transitional Forms, are committed to the notion that art and imagination have the power to create a hopeful future, and believe that this is truly the most exciting time to be alive.