The Living World Builder

Based on the critically acclaimed series, Hypernurnia, from brilliant artist Mathew Borrett, Hypernarium is a “living world builder”. This highly engaging and exploratory experience is designed to specifically showcase the immersive power and dimension-altering capabilities of spatial computing and artificial intelligence.


AI + Spacial Computing

Hypernarium features impossibly detailed compositions, fantastical architecture and wondrous vegetation, all dynamically generated and intricately composed with the touch of a button. Through a simple, intuitive interface, users can “paint” beautiful, miniaturized landscapes that automatically integrate into their real world space. And, thanks to a modular, fractal-like design system, and the integration of custom AI, every environment is uniquely generated, and compositions are never the same twice.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.58.28 AM.png

A Truly Volumetric Experience

The rich mini-worlds of Hypernarium are intensely layered, in more ways than one. Their incredible detail and dense construction alone, is a captivating recipe for endless exploration. Additionally, the highly imaginative aesthetic immerses users deeper… into an intriguing mythos, of mysterious civilizations that have been lost to time. Through exploring these endless landscapes, it may appear that they were abandoned centuries ago. But don’t be fooled… this world is alive.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Untethered to the traditional passage of time, Hypernarium’s virtual worlds evolve rapidly, and autonomously… but, only when they are unobserved. Akin to the language of dreams, environments are static when observed, but curiously transform when they are outside of the user’s field of view. To achieve this effect, the experience uses a custom neural network to generate a landscape’s “growth trajectory”, based on previous user input. The result, is a truly immersive world, that has a mind of its own.

Coming Soon!

Hypernarium is a truly exciting project that is currently in development for the Magic Leap platform. Please watch this site for project updates, or contact us with any feedback or inquiries.