In a virtual world, with intelligent life, would you play God?

This virtual reality experience is an exploration in immersive filmmaking and artificial intelligence. As a dynamic film, designed to be different with each viewing, Agence pursues answers to newly emerging questions around interactivity and authorship using A.I. Through this project we are pursuing the future of immersive filmmaking, and have strategically designed an approachable, yet “future-facing” experience that is unlike anything that exists in the market today.

Transitional Forms is pleased to be co-producing this exciting project with the National Film Board of Canada.

Agence_StorefrontImage_V1 copy.png

Our goal with Agence is to create a living, breathing, dynamic experience that—quite literally—has a mind of its own.

Watch the Vision Video

Originally created to outline the project’s overall research, philosophy and vision, this video was used as a briefing document for our Development Phase, and continues to be a useful reference as the project moves forward.

Early Prototype Walkthrough

We created this video toward the end of our prototype development sprint to outline the resulting look-and-feel and typical user experience. The project is still in it’s early stages, but if you’re interested in playing our initial prototype, please contact us!


Thank you to our amazing production partners at the National Film Board of Canada for their support in this project.

Agence is currently in pre-production. As we gear up for full production, we will have more process and funding related announcements to make soon! In the meantime, if you would like to know more about the project from a press or funding perspective, please contact us for more info. Otherwise, follow our social handles and hashtags below for project updates.


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